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Product Name : Air Freshener
Item# : YM-110
Model :
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Item No : YM-110

Packing: 48PCS
Size: 367 (L) * 275 (W) * 132(H) mm

Aroma: France, International, sand dunes, Lung, lemon, green apple, strawberry, ocean, in addition to smoke smell, lavender, osmanthus, jasmine, rose, etc. ....
Note: You can use a bottle of perfume over 3200; to 300ml

Name: quantitative aroma cans, delicious pot; for use 300ml of fragrance machine

This sweet pitchers packing specification for the Middle East text and English writing explained, more suitable for export use

Product is 99% of the consumption of alcohol as a solvent, health and safety;
Propellant for the import of gas, no corrosion, harmless to humans and animals, through the European green certification

This product is green product, will not cause environmental pollution, harmful to humans, can prevent the growth of bacteria and relieve fatigue
Suitable for office environment, public environment, entertainment, the crowd gathered in the hotel bathroom, KTV room, home, and a variety of odor sources, etc.



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