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Product Name : Jet hand dryer
Item# : GSQ-2006A
Model :
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Product Name :  Dual jet hand dryer


Item No : GSQ2006A


Descriptions :


Dry your hands in 6 seconds
The high-speed Jet strong air current removes water from the both sides of the hands with a powerful gust measuring 90 meters per second.

Hands never need to touch the Jet so its usage is extremely sanitary. Plus, no paper waste is generated so restrooms always appear cleaner.

Once up and running, the only cost is electric power. This makes using the Jet MUCH less expensive than using paper towel dispensers or cloth towels.

Easy Maintenance
Water blown off the hands is collected in the unit’s drain tank, so the floor stays dry. Plus, paper jams and changing batteries on touch-less paper towel dispensers are no longer an issue.

Environmentally Friendly
By eliminating paper waste, fewer natural resources are consumed, which reflects positively on any operator who chooses the Jet .


Specifications :

Material ABS : plastic
Power Consumption(≤25℃):1850W
Power Consumption(≥25℃):750W
Voltage : 220V-240V /50Hz
Air speed : 95m/s
Drying time (seconds) : 5-7 seconds
Product demention :  220*300*685mm
Product weight / unit (kg) : 13KG
Pcs/ctn : 1Pcs/CTN
Carton Dimension:  725*360*285mm





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