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Product Name : hand dryer
Item# : GSQ201J
Model :
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Item No : GSQ-201J



1. Voltage: AC110V/220-240V/ 50/60HZ
2. Power : 1100W
3.Current : 10A
4.Material : ABS
5.Waterproof grade: IPX1
6. Sensing distance: 9-15cm
7. Drying time: 10-12 seconds
8. Installation: Wall mounting
9. Product size: 248*190*460mm
10. Package : 4pcs /21.7kg ; 610*425*460mm



1.It has strong wind power to quickly dry the hands with 10-12 seconds; its drying time is 1/3 of general hand dryer.
2. Low energy consumption and money saving, 550W for the power capacity of engine and 550W for heating power, is equal to 1/2 of general power capacity.
3. It has novel, beautiful and natural design, all items have applied the patents, and any one who dare to imitate must be investigated.
4. It has multifunctional protection to extremely-high temperature, extra-long time and super-high current, it is safer to use.
5. It has outstanding performance with chip control technology and infrared sensor.
6.The imported engineering plastics is employed to ensure the solidity and durableness,
7. The water receiver is equipped to avoid getting the ground wet.
8. Suitable places: such as hotels, office buildings, restaurants, foodstuff plants, hospitals, gyms, malls etc.



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