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Product Name : hand dryer
Item# : GSQ87
Model :
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Item No : GSQ87



Rated Voltage:           220V~/50Hz   
Rated Power:             900W  
Rated Current:            4.1A   
Water splash proof:     IP 22
Blowing volume:         140m3/h   
Air speed:                  64m/S
Packing Dimensions:     573x320x450mm 
Unit weight:               4kg
Package: (4pcs)          19.5kg



*Adopted a high speed motor, it works with low power, high-efficiency; and with a round nozzle, the warm air comes out concentrated, then drys hands quickly. The power is less than half of  the common ones, while the air velocity is as much as twice of the common hand dryers.
*To avoid any accidents, this can safeguard itself when it is overheating, overcurrent or overtime working.
*CPU controlled with infrared sensor, it works precisely and reliably. When put the hands near the outlet within 10cm, it works automatically with warm air. It stops working after the hands are removed for 1 second.
*Adopted a streamline aluminum alloy cover, it is better to resist outside force and prevent dripping water.
*Humanized design. With the cold and warm wind switch, switch to the right mode based on the temperature of the environment. It can save energy efficiently.
*With the lamp in the nozzle, the lamp will light up automatically when the hand dryer is working.



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