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Product Name : faucet sensor soap dispenser
Item# : ZYQ-6191
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NAME : faucet sensor soap dispenser


Item No : ZYQ-6191 ( liquid type )


Product characteristics

1.Its shape is as a faucet, which is beautiful and elegant, it can match and use together with all kinds of faucets perfectly.
2.It adopts the infrared ray emission and reception technology,which is completely touch-free so that it is convenient and safety.
3.The spout is made of brass plated with chrome and its plating is enhanced, so that the product can maintain a long term fresh color and become more durable.

4.Automatic liquid soap dispenser and automatic foam dispenser,different model meets different environment and customer’s different needs. 

5.Time-adjustable and amount-adjustable, the users can adjust the dispensing time and soap amount,and it can be used in various places.Moreover,is more economical environmental,it can save more than 65% of soap than the past soap dispenser.

6.Soap free to add,without being limited by the types of brands, and say bye to special soap , it is more convenient to use.



Power supply                                        AC110~240V;DC 6V 
Applicable soap viscosity                         100~3800 cps
Power consumption                               Standby 0.4W(≤3W);Operation 1.2W(≤5W) 
Applicable temperature                          1~55℃
Fixed method                                       Faucet-mounted method 
Sensing distance                                   5~150mm;Factory setting 100mm±15mm
Soap volume                                        0.5~3mL adjustable ;
Factory setting                                     1.25±0.25mL 
Length of sensing cable                         0.85m~1.6m;Standard specification 0.9m
Foam soap volume                                0.5~25mL adjustable ;
Factory setting                                     15±5ml Bottle volume  1000mL

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