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Product Name : Aerosol dispenser
Item# : YM-PXQ182B
Model :
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Item No  :  YM-PXQ182B




Use Diamter 65mm refill can. Height can be all the size.
1. This apparatus is an Automatic Aerosol Dispenser designed independently controlled by digital integrate circuit. It can satisfy people aesthetic idea with its beautiful shape, convenient use, high quality, low power consummation, controlled by the switch on the front cover.
2. Aerosol is an attached product of dispenser. You can choose aerosol such as air freshener, insecticide, bactericide or others according to your different requirement; it is a kind of modern and essential living product for family, hotel, office or other public places with virtue of cleaning air, sterilization and deodorization when it works with aerosol.
3. Convenient to use: you can program the interval and the work time of spray according to the practical conditions by the remote controller.
4. Effective space : about 120m³for one sprayer.

Five spraying interval time choosing ;
5 minutes,10 minutes,15 minutes (working for 24 hours) ,Switch set to ON/OFF,
The alarm (red LED) keep flashing when the spary times is up to 3000,this indicate replace the aerosol can. as long as
press the OFF button, The number of new start can be cleared on the dispenser, close the LED alarm.
2 pieces of 5# batteries can supply capacity morn than 8000 times.


Specifications :

Voltage:            DC 2 × 1.5V R20( alkaline battery )
N.     W:             170g /pcs (Not include the batteries and the aerosol )
Product Size:     75× 78 × 130(mm)
CTN dimension:430×370×305 (mm )
PCS/Carton 40 pcs( 11.08 kg )
20'FCL : 22600pcs



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