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Safe (cabinet) used tips

First, how to add a safe Insurance

Is a safe anti-theft devices, if in the course of adding to our sense of responsibility and attention, the safe factor will greatly improve security. In the use of the safe should note the following:

1, the rotating mechanical locks, the need to calmly and slowly turn the advantage of the opportunity, not violently rotating at the same time keep track the direction and frequency, if they exceed the tag line, can not rewind, we must start again.

2, set the password should be safe under the door is open, the password is set, it should enter a new password operation several times, checked and verified, before the doors locked.

3, not the manual, the emergency key lock safe.

4, the alarm use, the various switches and the internal electronic components, not free mobility, that sounds smaller, indicating that the battery runs out, replace the emergency. In case of false positives can reduce the sensitivity properly.

5, in order to ensure safe and reliable fixation Taper pins in the expansion nut hammer to the heart to be open nuts swelling bulge. Nut hole in the wall, full sound.

6, must be firmly anchored in the concrete wall safe.

7, long-term when there is no external battery, you should remove the battery from the battery box.

Second, the use of pre-mounting

Safety Deposit Box, cabinet must be installed before use fixed in the wall or other similar hard object, which is safe, the security cabinet to maximize the use and security performance is essential. Almighty / security can be safe, back and bottom of the cabinet are fixed in the mounting holes, and with the expansion of fixing screws, in the product user manual to install a fixed safe, cabinet. Of safe, more secure mounting cabinet recommends the following:

1. Safe, cabinet before mounting, remove the bottom of the machine safe safe at the bottom of the feet and casters, so safe, fixed in the bottom of the cabinet installation without gaps, leveraging safe to prevent, counter and more effective.

2. Must be safe, cabinet mounting in the concrete wall, preferably by professionals responsible for installation, to ensure the installation of a fixed intensity and quality.

3. Select an appropriate location to install fixed hidden safe, cabinet, it is best to safe, left and back of the cabinet wall mounting the same time, to tamper, anti-theft was the best. If in a safe, cabinet furniture, cover the outside do, safe protection, counter the privacy, security, the better.

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