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Automatic aerosol dispenser for use

Automatic aerosol dispenser (device) is a way to improve people's living and work space, air quality, automatically clean up the air, adding fragrance device. It is the many around the world in public places and families.

Automatic aerosol dispenser (device) is an automatic control from the circuit, through the internal motor mechanical transmission, in order to trigger the way for regular flavor agent (air fresheners) eruption. Air conditioning is dedicated to small electronic appliances. The structure and installation of wall in the form generally. Can be attached to or hung in public places on the walls and toilet use.

Fresh formulation of quantitative aerosol dispenser valve (device) --- There are other flavors of gas plus reagent


1. The delicious devices where the reach of children.

   2. Do not spray against the person's face, such as inadvertent contact, rinse with plenty of water.

  3. In use, to prevent aerosol dispenser (for) an exception. To draw attention to the exhausted air fresheners, switch to the new tank when needed; new Hong tank can not simply, casually plug installed on the machine. And should the head with a flat head screwdriver to aerosol dispenser (control) pressure head slightly up top a certain gap. After that then install the new air freshener cans placed in position. In this way, can the pressure head and pressure tank top button bonding well.


Home, hotel, bathroom, toilet, public places, entertainment and other private and public places.


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